Beyond Sizing: Further Considerations For Choosing Office AC

2 August 2023
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The right air conditioner for your office allows you and your workers to remain comfortable, and the comfort encourages good health and productivity. Take your time to choose the right AC for your office. Below are some factors to consider when choosing a system to install.

The Need for Aesthetics

You might not want your AC to be visible, depending on the nature of your office. In that case, avoid AC units on the ground or at eye level. Instead, opt for ceiling-mounted units since people rarely look up in offices. You can also install wall-mounted units, which the contractor must place high on the walls. Talk to your AC contractor about the need for discrete systems.

Space Considerations

Efficient space utilization is a constant worry in commercial establishments. The more space you can use in your office for your business operations, the better your returns on investment. Thus, it's understandable that you might not want ACs to take up considerable space in your office. Again, ceiling-mounted units free the ground spaces for better use.

Current Duct Situation

You should also consider whether the building housing your office has ductwork. You have two options if the building doesn't have ductwork. First, you can install ductwork and an AC that requires the use of ducts. This option assumes you have permission to install ductwork in the building.

Secondly, you can opt for ductless AC systems that require minimal changes to the property during installation. The second option may be relatively cheaper than the first. Ductless ACs are also fast to install and suitable for those without permission for heavy building modifications.

Noise Considerations

ACs make noise because of electrical functions and moving parts. AC noises vary by model, size, and type. Some you may barely hear during operations. Your business operations, office occupation, and preferences determine whether the noise would be bothersome in the office.

For example, many residential AC have noises in the 72-82 decibels (TV at normal volume is approximately 60 decibels) range, which might be too loud for a quiet office. Fortunately, quieter models are available.

Temperature Control

Lastly, you should also consider how precisely you want to control your office temperature. Consider the AC's efficiency, design, sizing, and thermostat type for precise temperature control. For example, a zoned system that facilities independent cooling of different building parts offers more precise cooling than other systems.

As you can see, office AC installation requires careful planning and professional installation. Contact a professional for more information about air conditioning installation.