Furnace Repairs Might Be Needed When You Hear These Odd Noises

13 July 2023
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When you notice your furnace making loud or unusual noises, it's a good idea to call a furnace repair company. You might need to shut your furnace down to prevent damage and wait for the repair technician. Your furnace makes noise when it starts up, and that's normal. It's new and unusual noises that are a cause for concern. Here are some noises and what they could mean.

A Humming Sound Could Be The Capacitor

When a capacitor is going bad, you might hear humming coming from your furnace. The capacitor supplies extra power to the blower motor, so when it goes bad, the motor might struggle and burn out. Replacing a bad capacitor is a quick and easy furnace repair, so you'll want to have it done before the motor goes bad too.

Clicking Coming From The Blower

If the blower cage works loose due to frequent use or vibrations in the furnace, it may start hitting something in the furnace that makes a clicking or scraping sound. This is also a fairly easy furnace repair since the technician can adjust the blower and tighten it so it's securely in the proper position.

Water Dripping Could Be A Clogged Condensation Line

If you have a high-efficiency furnace, it makes condensation when it runs. The condensation has to be collected and drained from the furnace. If the drain line is clogged or if the drain has a leak, water will drip on the floor. This can cause water damage and mold, so you'll want the situation fixed as soon as possible.

If you don't have a high-efficiency furnace, you won't have to worry about condensation. Water on the floor might also happen if the floor drain the furnace condensation empties into is clogged. The furnace repair technician has to determine the cause of the problem to make the right repairs.

Bangs Caused By Excess Gas

If something is wrong with the ignition system in your gas furnace, the ignition might be delayed long enough to cause extra gas to accumulate before it ignites. This could make a loud bang every time your furnace starts. This problem should be repaired right away since the vibrations from the bang might cause damage to your furnace parts.

A part might need to be cleaned or replaced when this problem happens. If the cause is a dirty combustion area, soot might even puff out when the gas bangs. A furnace repair technician should check this problem right away and replace the bad part if needed since this can be a serious furnace malfunction.

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