Advantages Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

31 May 2023
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An air conditioning system is a critical investment for your home, but you must care for it to avoid unexpected breakdowns. It's important to keep up with yearly maintenance tasks. Here is how regular AC system maintenance benefits you.


Residential cooling systems last 15 to 20 years on average. However, a neglected air conditioner will not reach its life span, and you must replace it sooner than expected.

Air conditioning maintenance boosts longevity by catching and repairing minor issues before they cause permanent damage. During servicing, an AC system technician replaces damaged parts and dirty air filters, lubricates moving parts, and ensures the unit doesn't work harder than necessary to cool the house. 

Improve Energy Efficiency  

Over time, dust, pollen, and other contaminants clog the air conditioner's internal components, making the unit consume more energy to push cool air across your home. Worn belts, motors, and other parts are also less efficient and contribute to inflated energy bills.

During maintenance, an AC system professional unclogs ducts and vents, cleans the evaporator coil, oils motors, and replaces damaged belts to boost efficiency. If you have an old AC unit, the expert may recommend newer, more efficient models that are kinder to your wallet.

Improved Air Quality 

The contaminants that get trapped in your AC unit circulate throughout your home. If some residents have respiratory issues, their symptoms likely get worse during peak AC system usage in summer. 

A technician cleans the dirt, pet dander, and debris in the cooling system and replaces air filters. As a result, you enjoy cleaner air and better health. 

Fewer Repairs

Many people procrastinate AC system maintenance to save money. However, neglecting your cooling system costs you more because it can break down more frequently, especially in summer when you use it the most.

Minor issues you don't resolve in a timely manner become large problems that need the replacement of major components. During AC system maintenance, the technician identifies issues before they cause extensive damage, saving you money in the long run. 

Enhanced Comfort

A well-maintained air conditioner keeps your home in the desired temperatures, letting you relax throughout the hot season. On the other hand, a disregarded AC system often causes hot and cold spots in the home or struggles to reach the optimal temperature. 

Your cooling system may even shut down due to overheating from grime buildup, clogged drains, or a failed compressor. Regular maintenance ensures your unit runs as it should whenever you require cooling. 


The frequency of air conditioning maintenance depends on various factors, including the age and how often it's in use. Contact a company like Add Air INC to learn more.