What Are Your Options When Your AC Is Too Powerful For The Room?

9 January 2023
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You might think that you've avoided extra cost and stress when the retailer who sold you your new air conditioner will also install it. The trouble with a free installation service is that it might not account for all the variables of your specific home. For example, they might go ahead and install the unit despite the fact it's far too large and powerful for the intended space. The trouble is that you might not notice the problem until much later.

Cycling Times

You're no doubt familiar with how an air conditioner operates from the user's point of view. You choose your desired temperature and the unit then works to achieve that temperature. Once achieved, it will deactivate, but will monitor its own thermostat. When the space warms, the unit will reactivate to maintain the preset temperature. These alternating periods of activation and deactivation are called cycles. There are many contributing factors that help determine cycling time (size of the room, relative temperature, and humidity), but expect a cycle to take roughly 15 minutes, taking place two to three times per hour.  

Bursts of Activity

This approximate time frame is only accurate if your unit is the right size for your space. When the unit is too large, expect shorter bursts of activity—brief, frequently occurring cycles. But what's the harm in this? It might not be the most efficient method, but the outcome is the same, and your living space is being adequately cooled. The trouble is that these bursts of activity bring your unit out of its standard operating parameters. This places mechanical stress on its moving parts.

Power Usage

These bursts of activity can cause spikes in power usage too, meaning that the air conditioner will lead to an increased electricity bill. Although your original installation was free, any savings can be canceled by your unit's higher-than-anticipated operating costs. What are your options when it seems that your air conditioner is far too large for your home?

Modifying Your Space

Instead of incurring the cost of replacing the entire system, you can instead modify your living space to make better use of the larger unit. Contact a contractor who offers air conditioning installation services. Have extra ductwork installed, increasing the range and capabilities of the unit. Instead of only cooling one or two rooms in your home, all living spaces can have a dedicated duct installed. 

Expansion may not have been your initial intent with your new air conditioner, but it can be the most efficient way to make proper use of a unit that turned out to be too large for its original purpose. For more information, contact an air conditioning installation service near you.