Maintaining Your AC System's Ducting

16 December 2022
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Cleaning the ducting in your home can be an important and fairly routine type of maintenance for your HVAC system. If you are needing to have your home's ducting cleaned for the first time, you may not be aware of what exactly this process will involve. 

The Interior Vents Will Be Fully Sealed

One of the first steps that a duct cleaning service will take for your home will involve thoroughly sealing all of the interior vents in the home. This can reduce the risk of dust and debris being forced through the ducting when the professionals are cleaning the interior. While the cleaning service will need to access the various vents in the home to clean the interior of the ducting, they will be able to easily remove these coverings and replace them when they have finished with that particular vent. Through this process, all of the home's interior vents can be thoroughly cleaned while avoiding creating a mess.

Vacuums And Brushes Will Be Used To Scrub The Interior Of The Ducting

In order to thoroughly clean the interior of the ducting, the contractors may need to use specialized vacuums and brushes that can be inserted into the ducting. This will allow for dust, dirt, and other grime that may have accumulated on the interior of the ducting to be removed. Without these tools, it could be possible to remove the larger debris from the ducting, but the small pieces of dust and other debris could be far more difficult to remove. However, these tools will make quick work of removing these substances from the interior of your home's ducting system.

The Interior Of The Ducts Will Be Thoroughly Sanitized

After removing dust and other debris from the interior of the ducting, these contractors may also fully sanitize these spaces. Over time, mold and bacteria could get in the ducting, and they may be able to create foul or otherwise unpleasant odors. By thoroughly sanitizing the interior of the ducting, these substances can be neutralized so that they will not be able to create this problem for the home. In some cases, this type of service may only be available upon request, and this is one reason to always discuss this option with the duct cleaning service ahead of time so that you will know whether there are additional costs involved as well as the sanitizing solutions that they will use on this space to disinfect it.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor to find more information about AC duct maintenance.