3 Benefits Of An HVAC Maintenance Program

29 November 2022
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A broken-down furnace or air conditioner is one of the most dreaded problems homeowners can face. What if you could have peace of mind that a technician would be at your door promptly whenever you have a problem? Read on to learn more about how an HVAC maintenance program can benefit your home.

1. Priority Service 

HVAC contracting companies strive to meet the needs of every customer, but technicians are a limited resource. Nothing is worse than struggling to find an available technician when you need prompt service for your furnace or AC.

An HVAC maintenance program ensures that your preferred contractor will always have a slot available for you in their technicians' schedules. In addition to priority and emergency service, many companies include discounts on parts and labor in their maintenance plan memberships.

2. Lower Energy Costs

A well-maintained HVAC system is an energy-efficient system. As you use your furnace and AC over the years, minor wear and tear can build up to create serious energy efficiency issues. Problems like worn belts and bearings, dirty furnace burners, and corrosion on your evaporator coils can all cause your HVAC system to use more energy than it should while it's running.

If your energy bills are increasing without any changes in how you use your furnace or AC, your system may be suffering from hidden mechanical wear. With a professional maintenance program, you will have an advanced warning for wear and tear in your HVAC system. Not only will this prevent expensive breakdowns and repairs, but it can also help you save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary energy costs. 

3. Longer HVAC System Life

Central air conditioners have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years on average, while furnaces can last up to 20 years. Of course, these figures assume your system has benefitted from regular cleaning and repairs. 

Neglecting HVAC maintenance allows dust, mold, rust, and other bad actors to take a toll on your system. Furnaces and air conditioners have common points of failure that will inevitably need service before the system reaches the end of life. The expense of replacing a furnace or air conditioner early always outweighs the cost of maintenance. 

DIY maintenance only goes so far when it comes to protecting your HVAC system. Your furnace and air conditioner are two of the most important appliances in your home, so protect your investment with an HVAC maintenance program.

To find out more, contact a residential air conditioning repair service.