Guiding Tips On Picking The Right Location For Your Furnace

18 October 2022
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A heating system comes in handy when the cold season sets in. That said, you may not know that proper unit placement ensures peak performance. More so, the right furnace location will depend on your home's design. 

A good way to ensure the perfect furnace area is by checking access to fresh air and optimum ventilation. As always, an HVAC expert can evaluate your house's layout and pick an ideal spot for your heater. Below are more tips on how to pick the ideal location for your furnace.

Check For Clearance

You should install a furnace in a location with adequate space. This is because a unit with ample clearance spaces provides easy access when performing routine maintenance. More so, unconfined spaces provide ample airflow for combustion, which ensures your system delivers the required heating output. So, you want to remove all items that may obstruct airflow. You should also know that enough clearance is essential for ventilation. It ensures the proper expulsion of waste gases that occur during combustion. 

Raise the Furnace in The Garage

You may also install a furnace in the garage if you have adequate space. This is because your garage provides a perfect spot that is out of the way but has adequate airflow. That said, you must consider where in the garage you place your unit depending on the power source. For example, you must consider your natural gas line or electrical connection to meet the power demand. 

If you are unsure about the best area to place your unit in the garage, contact a furnace professional for proper unit placement. The expert will also elevate the heater a few inches off the floor for improved circulation.

Place The Furnace Near a Power Source

A heater needs a power source to run like any other electrical or gas equipment. If using an electric unit, you should know that it will draw a lot of electricity to operate. Thus, you should locate it near a power outlet and avoid connecting it to extension cords as it may overload it. With this in mind, it is best to hire a heating expert to assess your power outlet. More so, they will install a surge protector to prevent excess voltage from entering the system. 

Keep It Away from Other Electrical Appliances

The electrical appliances in your home produce heat when in operation. Therefore, locating your furnace near these appliances may hinder its performance. Furthermore, a furnace generates effluent, which may leak if the drain lines deteriorate. Given this, an electrical appliance close to the wastewater may cause electrocution when you touch the water. Additionally, you want to install your furnace away from electrical appliances such as washing machines to prevent water damage.

Proper furnace placement will ensure your system operates efficiently. Therefore, you should engage a heating service to install your furnace to guarantee the best placement.