Ways To Save Money On Your Commercial AC System Installation

14 September 2022
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In tough economic times, saving money on every purchase is vital to maximizing your profits. While price is an important consideration when making business purchases, it should not be the only factor influencing the final purchase decisions.

If you want to install an air conditioning system, make sure you aren't choosing the cheapest option available today to save money. The least expensive AC system can trigger many issues that will hurt your bottom line.

Follow these tips on how to save money on your commercial air conditioning installation.

Determine Your Commercial Cooling Load 

One of the best ways to save money on your commercial AC purchase is to determine which size air conditioner you need for your commercial building. 

Air conditioning systems come in different sizes to match the cooling demand in buildings. Cooling demand (or cooling load) describes the quantity of heat and humidity removed from building interiors to create a desirable indoor climate. 

Several factors come into play when determining the cooling load of a building. These include: 

  1. The square footage of space within that building
  2. The type, number, and size of the windows and doors
  3. The wall construction materials and the thicknesses of the walls
  4. The type of roof installed 
  5. The types and thicknesses of insulation used
  6. The orientation of the building
  7. The local climatic conditions

Calculating the cooling demand of a commercial building is a technical task that requires specialized knowledge and training. Consider getting expert help with your commercial cooling load calculations and choosing an AC system that matches that load.      

A proper size AC system will operate at peak efficiency, keeping energy usage to a minimum. The less energy it uses, the more money you will save over the long term. 

Choose A High-Efficiency AC Unit

Although air conditioning uses a lot of electricity, newer models of most air conditioners use less electricity than their older cousins. 

To save money on your commercial air conditioning, buy a high-efficiency unit to minimize AC running costs. While such an air conditioner will cost you more to buy, it will be more cost-efficient to operate over the long term.

Buying and installing the right air conditioning system is essential to ensure the comfort of your employees and customers. Proper air conditioning purchase and installation will keep your commercial space comfortable and healthy during the hot season and minimize cooling costs.  

Contact an HVAC contractor for expert help with your commercial AC selection and installation needs.