Address the Burning Smell Coming from Your Window Air Conditioner

4 August 2022
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An overheating motor, broken bearings, or the accumulation of dust can contribute to a burning smell when your window air conditioning unit is turned on. The scent can be frightening, due to the risk of wires and other internal components burning. If you experience a burning smell, turn off the unit and use residential air conditioning solutions to resolve the issue.

Overuse of Parts

The internal mechanical parts of an air conditioning unit work simultaneously to transfer power and circulate refrigerant. Bearings and other vital materials that are connected to mechanical parts are constantly placed under stress when an air conditioning unit is turned on. If an air conditioner isn't maintained on a seasonal basis, parts may begin to malfunction. When this occurs, the motor and electrical components may begin to overheat.

When a unit emits a foul burning smell, the unit should be turned off and unplugged immediately. The room where the unit is located should be aired out. Once the foul scent has been eliminated, you can take a closer look at the air conditioner, to determine if there is any damage present.

Inspect the unit's cord and remove the cover to the unit. Mechanical parts that are located within the unit will need to be assessed by an air conditioning contractor. A contractor may inspect the fuse, wires, motor, drive belts, and condenser during a service appointment.

Dust Buildup

The key to avoiding serious damage that is a direct result of dust buildup is by acting quickly and turning off a unit that smells like it is burning. If you do not notice smoke or see any other signs that are indicative of burning, there is a good chance that dust buildup is playing a role in the foul-scented air that is emitted from an air conditioner unit. A unit should have plenty of time to cool down.

An air conditioner contractor should be contacted. A contractor will perform an all-points inspection of the filter, the air conditioner's external materials, and the air conditioner's internal materials. Cleaning a unit and replacing the filter are two useful maintenance steps that will prevent a burning scent.

Dust accumulation is prevalent when a unit is not used regularly or when the interior of a home is dirty. Dust accumulation should be addressed on a regular basis. Dusting strategies can include using a damp cloth to remove dirt buildup from surface materials.