Is Your Thermostat Malfunctioning? 4 Possible Causes

1 June 2022
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You are used to the comfort of your appliances, and sometimes you forget about their existence until they start doing something different. A decline in the AC's performance can indicate that a component is faulty or is about to break down. Since the thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature, it can cause subtle changes to your AC"s operation when it malfunctions. You should hire an AC repair professional to assess and fix the issue to avoid misinterpretation. The following are likely reasons for your thermostat problems:

The Thermostat Is Unable to Reach the Established Temperature

The thermostat monitors the temperature settings of your AC by establishing your desired indoor temperature. If your AC unit does not comply accordingly, your room's temperatures will remain the same, signaling a problem with your little wall device. If you position the thermostat in the wrong area, it will inaccurately regulate air quality causing temperature discrepancies. It is important to hire an AC repair professional to reposition your thermostat in an area free from heat and cold drafts. 

The Thermostat Is Too Old

Aging thermostats are susceptible to frequent breakdowns due to prolonged functional strain. When old thermostats sustain wear and tear, their efficiency reduces, resulting in poor performance, decreased sensitivity, and inability to detect temperatures correctly. Therefore, once your thermostat exceeds its projected operational lifespan, you should contact an AC professional to install a new one.

 The Thermostat's Calibration Is Incorrect

Adjusting your thermostat ensures accurate temperature readings. As time progresses, and with frequent readjustments, thermostat sensors become miscalibrated, resulting in incorrect temperature readings. Furthermore, inaccurate temperature readings can instruct your unit to trigger too many or minimal cooling cycles. Since short cycling erodes the AC unit's energy efficiency, it affects your unit's longevity and increases your utility expenses. Hire an AC service to recalibrate the sensors and lengthen the cooling cycles.

The Thermostat Has Grime Accumulation

Debris can build up within the thermostat's box. Since the thermostat is a sensitive component, trapped debris between the contacts will result in inaccurate temperature readings. You should therefore contact an AC repair expert to carefully brush away the grime and dirt on the thermostat to bring consistency to desired settings.

When your thermostat fails, it can lead to undesired temperatures. Therefore, you should engage an AC repair professional to address the failing thermostat and fix it to improve reliability and increase the AC's efficiency in cooling your home. For more info, reach out to a service such as Priority Heating and Air.