HVAC Repair: Indications That Your Furnace Filters Are Clogged

11 May 2022
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Filters are one of the most crucial components of residential furnaces because they trap all the allergens floating in indoor spaces. And since they work as sieves, it's important that they are routinely cleaned lest they get clogged with debris. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget about their furnace filters until the components' bad shape compromises the overall equipment's performance. In this article, you'll discover indications of clogged furnace filters that you should look out for.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

The most obvious indication of clogged filters is skyrocketing energy bills. When furnace filters remain uncleaned over an extended period, the hot air your equipment generates doesn't get dispersed into your indoor spaces as quickly as it should. As a result, the unit has to work harder to achieve desired room temperatures. As long as your unit works overtime, you'll be paying more in energy bills than you're used to.

To lower your monthly utility expenses, you should book furnace filter cleaning appointments with hvac repair services. The professional technicians will blast away all the accumulated debris that's etched into the filtering screen. This will promote excellent airflow, preventing your heating unit from working overtime.

Recurring Allergies

The primary reason furnaces come with pre-installed filtering screens is to trap any allergens that might be floating in your indoor air. This way, your family members can inhale purified air and never have to deal with allergies. But when the filters don't get routinely cleaned, they start dispersing the trapped allergens throughout your home. This exposes your family members to the allergens the filters are supposed to sieve.

So if there are family members with endless allergies at your residence, this is an obvious indication that your furnace filters are clogged. A surefire way to address this issue is to allow heating system repair services to clean the filtering screen. Cleaning out all the built-up allergens allows the filtering screen to get back to purifying your indoor air.

Burning Smell Emanating from the Heating Unit​

One last telltale sign you won't be able to ignore is a burning smell emanating from the heating unit. This is a result of your furnace overheating due to restricted airflow. Clogged furnace filters will prevent warm air from being quickly pushed into the air vents. And the longer hot air stays inside the equipment, the more likely that the overheating will result in significant equipment damage. That's why as soon as you catch a burning smell coming from the heating unit, you should contact your furnace technician for a filter cleaning appointment.

Now that you know the crucial role furnace filters play, don't hesitate to contact your HVAC repair professional for routine filter cleaning.