Why Preventative Maintenance Should Be Considered A Necessity For Your Heating System

10 November 2021
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Preventative maintenance is something you need to stay on top of when it comes to your heating system. Below is some helpful information on some reasons why preventative maintenance should be considered for your heating system. 

Preventative maintenance saves money

It may sound weird to think of spending money on preventative maintenance in order to save you money, but this is how it works. Preventative maintenance is affordable, and it helps keep the unit running without potential problems that help to prevent costly breakdowns in the near future. Plus, it helps extend the life of the heating system. 

Preventative maintenance keeps your heating expenses down

There are a few things you can do to keep your heating expenses as low as possible. Replacing older, single-paned windows with new dual-paned windows, ensuring the attic is fully insulated, repairing worn weather stripping, and filling in any gaps and cracks are important parts of winterizing your home. However, one of the main things you should do each year to ensure lower heating bills is to have the heating system maintained. This way, you know it is working properly when you start to use it. The tech may also find other issues during the call that can cost you money down the road without you realizing it. For example, they may see you have a chair too close to the vent that can make it harder to heat that entire portion of your home. 

You will keep your system's warranty

There is likely something in the warranty agreement stating that in order for it to continue covering the heating system, the system must be properly maintained. If something goes wrong with your heating system, and you go to get it covered under the warranty but can't provide proof of annual maintenance, they may deny your claim and void the warranty. This means you could end up unexpectedly needing to pay for the repairs needed right then, and for all future issues. 

You will help keep your home safer

You want to be able to have full trust in your home's heating system. If you live where the temperature regularly falls below freezing during the winter, then you will need to keep the interior warmer than the outside, even when you aren't home. This will help protect things, like your plumbing. If the heater goes out while you are gone, you could end up with a burst pipe and water damage. Preventative maintenance helps reduce the chances of sudden breakdowns like this happening, as well as other issues like dangerous carbon monoxide leaks and more.

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