Multi-Split Air Conditioning: The Best Choice For Historic Homes

30 July 2021
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Historic homes have classical elegance and charm that few modern properties can match, but keeping an older property comfortably cool during the hot summer months can be challenging. Many of these older homes are unsuitable for conventional, ducted air conditioning systems, either because installing ductwork would damage irreplaceable period features, or because there simply isn't enough spare space to install bulky ducts.

If you want to install an air conditioning system in your historic home, a multi-split system can be an excellent alternative. These low-profile systems have a number of unique advantages and are ideally suited for use in historic homes both large and small.

Advantages Of Choosing Multi-Split Air Conditioning For Historic Homes

Compact And Unobtrusive

Instead of forcing cooled air through large ducts, multi-split air conditioning systems use an outdoor condenser unit to pipe chilled refrigerant liquid into indoor air handlers. These air handlers use fans to force air over pipes containing the chilled liquid, cooling the air inside your home without the need for ducting.

This unique configuration means that multi-split air conditioners take up significantly less space than the most compact ducted air conditioning systems. The air handlers themselves are small, wall-mounted devices that do not take up any floor space and are designed to blend in with the decor of your home without drawing attention.

The outdoor condenser unit used by most multi-split systems is also relatively small and can be installed in an unobtrusive location to the rear of your property, where it will not dent your historic home's curb appeal.

Minimal Modifications Required

Multi-split systems are also ideal if you want to install an air conditioning system without making significant modifications to your historic home's decor or architecture. The conduit pipes that funnel refrigerant liquids to the air handlers are narrow and can be passed through small holes made in your home's exterior walls. Installing air handlers also requires less interior modification than ductwork installation.

Multi-Room Functionality

Besides ducted air conditioning systems, multi-split systems are the only type of system that can cool multiple rooms in a home. If you want to keep your whole historic home comfortably cool without opting for ducted systems, the only other option is installing individual single-room systems, such as window air conditioners and 'single' split systems, in each room of your home.

As you can imagine, this can become very expensive in larger historic homes and will also take up more space than a single, compact multi-split system. A multi-split system will also run more quietly than multiple single-room systems, helping to preserve peace and quiet in your elegant historic home.

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