Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Drain Clear Of Problems

22 September 2020
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Your kitchen sink is something you likely use multiple times every day, and yet you probably don't give much thought to what you are sending down into the drain until the moment something goes wrong. The kitchen sink is often a prime suspect for plumbing trouble because homeowners just don't think until they send all kinds of trouble down into their plumbing system. If you want to avoid this situation in your own home, here are some kitchen drain plumbing tips to keep in mind.

Always Run the Disposal If You Must Dump Some Food

Your garbage disposal is there for a reason. Too many homeowners are just too lazy to flip the switch when scraping some food off of their plate and into the drain. Running your disposal will shred any solids to the point where they will hopefully be able to make it through your pipes without issue. For best results, always run the water while using the disposal so the food remnants are washed all the way through the system.

Better Yet, Don't Dump Any Food at All

Of course, an even better idea might be to never dump and solid food into your kitchen drain at all. Take the extra moment to make sure every last scrap of food ends up in a trash can instead of in the sink. If you never put anything solid down the kitchen drain, there won't be any chance for those solids to get stuck on the sides of your pipes.

Keep an Empty Plastic Container or Coffee Grounds Container for Grease

While solids can cause problems for kitchen drains, there's another substance that's not quite solid but also known for causing quite a bit of trouble. If your frying pan or other cooking container has a good bit of grease after meal prep is completed, do not simply wash the grease down the drain. The garbage disposal isn't going to do much good when it comes to grease and there's an excellent chance you'll just coat the insides of your pipes instead. For best results, dump the grease into an empty plastic container or coffee grounds can that you keep nearby, then dump the entire can when it's trash day.

For best results, get your entire plumbing system inspected by a local plumbing contractor on a regular basis. A professional will be able to help you find and fix potential issues before they turn into a larger repair bill. Contact a company like Bud's Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric to learn more.