3 Tips for Getting a New AC Unit Installed

22 July 2020
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If you have an AC unit that breaks down regularly that leads to expensive repairs, you may be better off going with something new. In this case, you'll need to have the new AC unit set up professionally. This process will go according to plan if you remember these tips.

Make Sure You Order the Right Unit

Before the new AC unit is set up by a professional installation company, you need to make sure you've selected the right system. Start by double-checking to make sure the size is right based on the interior space of your property. 

An HVAC contractor can help with this assessment if you're not sure. You also want to make sure the new AC unit has the right energy-efficient properties. You can then run the new system without having to worry as much about your energy bills breaking the bank. As long as you review these aspects and everything checks out, you can proceed to the installation with ample confidence. 

Have the Old System Inspected

There may be some parts of your old AC system that are still in great shape. You thus don't want to throw away these parts because that would be like wasting money. Instead, you should see if the installation company setting up the new system will inspect your old system. They can make a list of parts that are still salvageable. You can then sell these parts for money, whether it's the condenser coil, compressor, or coolant lines. This way, you're not just throwing away parts that can be used in other systems for homeowners that may have a limited budget.

Go With an Insured Installation Company 

Even if you hire an experienced installation company, sometimes mistakes are simply unavoidable. You won't have to worry about them at all when you ensure the installation company is fully insured both in terms of injury and property damage. The insurance will protect you during the setup process. If a part on the new system gets damaged or your home is affected negatively, you can just expect the insurance company to cover the costs. 

Buying a new AC unit is an important investment that you want to go smoothly from start to finish. The installation can be a stress-free process so long as you prepare in advance and know what precautions to take before the company arrives on your property. Contact AC installation services to learn more.