5 Signs You Should Call A Furnace Repair Service

12 May 2020
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There will be times when you should call a furnace repair service for help with your home heating unit. These are a few signs that it might be time for you to call a furnace repair service.

1. Your Furnace is Making Strange Noises

First of all, pay attention to whether or not your furnace is making strange noises. If you hear a scraping noise, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your furnace's blower wheel. If you hear a loud pop or bang, it could be due to dirty furnace burners or even issues with your ductwork. Squealing noises can be caused by a faulty belt or another part that needs to be replaced.

2. Your Furnace Has a Strange Odor

If you notice a burning smell, gas smell, or electrical smell, you should take action by calling a furnace repair service. Depending on the type of furnace that you have and the type of odor that you are noticing, there are a variety of different potential causes. There could be a gas line issue or an electrical wiring issue, which can be dangerous. Your furnace could be dirty and filled with dust, which could cause an odor as well.

3. Your Furnace Won't Turn On

If your furnace will not turn on at all, you obviously have a problem. There are all sorts of minor issues that can cause this problem but that can be quickly and easily resolved. Even if the problem is a bit more complicated, a furnace repair professional should be able to help you get your unit running again.

4. Your Furnace Won't Turn Off

A furnace that does not turn off like it is supposed to can cause a lot of problems, too. After all, this can lead to your utility bills being overly high and your home becoming overly warm. Plus, it can be a pain to have to turn your furnace off manually. A switch or thermostat might be needed for your unit; a furnace repair technician can determine why your unit isn't turning off like it's supposed to and can help you.

5. Your Furnace Doesn't Seem to Be Maintaining the Right Temperature in Your Home

Lastly, if your furnace doesn't seem to be maintaining the right temperature in your home, then you should call for help as soon as possible. Your furnace might run, but it might not provide warm enough air, for example. Contact HVAC contractors in your area to learn more.