Is it Time for a New Furnace?

7 June 2019
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If your furnace hasn't failed completely, you might not realize how the installation of a newer model would be much better for your house. What should encourage you to think about a new machine?

The Furnace Is Too Old

Often, the age of the machine will dictate that discussions about replacement should start. Were you in the property when the existing furnace was installed? If not, and you've lived in the house for over a decade, you might have a very old furnace. This may not seem problematic at first glance, but its age could be affecting you now. For instance, one way to know the furnace is aging rapidly is that heating costs continue to go way up in a way that's disproportionate to use. If you're using a model that isn't energy-efficient, that is likely. A new furnace may keep future heating costs under control.

If you want to know the true date of your furnace, you can look up the model number on the manufacturer's website or call them. You may be surprised to learn the true age of your furnace, and you might need to seriously consider replacing one that's very old before it begins acting up.

The Furnace Always Needs Repairs

Whether because of its age or other reasons, your furnace may always seem to have some kind of issue. Your family may hear knocking from furnace pipes throughout the day, for instance. You might have repaired a leak last week only to notice the furnace isn't heating one room this week. If it always seems like problems are happening, you should seriously consider new furnace installation.

The House Is Cooler

You might have a nagging or persistent feeling that it's never as warm as you think it should be. You may notice that the living room seems colder than it used to in years past. Problems with warmth could be tied to clogged vents or thermostat trouble, but if you've already considered those superficial issues, the real problem may be the furnace.

You See Signs of Carbon Monoxide

The presence of carbon monoxide could be very serious. If you notice that the furnace flame is yellow when it should be blue, that's a signal that the furnace combustion isn't happening as it should. As a result, your property is at risk of carbon monoxide issues. This is also evident if you observe rust on pipes or soot on the ground near the furnace itself. A new furnace is usually imperative in such situations.

New furnace installations are vital in situations like these. Contact services like Nova Air Conditioning & Heating to determine what new model is best and how an installation can be an easy process for you.