Four Benefits of Window Air Conditioners

7 February 2019
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Window air conditioning units are an alternative type of air conditioner that, as their name indicates, are installed directly in the windows of your home. Their small size, unique installation, and a few other variables give window AC units a distinctive set of advantages. Understanding what those benefits are can help you figure out if you should install window air conditioning units in your home.


One of the biggest things to note about window air conditioners is that they are small and lightweight, which means that you can easily take them with you if you move. This makes them ideal for those who live in smaller homes or in apartments, especially younger individuals who are likely extremely mobile, as a single window air conditioner can be an investment that can be brought with you for years if properly maintained.

Quick and Easy Installation

Another important thing to note about window air conditioners is that they are very simple to install, only requiring supports to be placed underneath the portion of the unit that sits outside to hold it up. They are plugged in to regular outlets, which means that the entire installation process can be done yourself if you have access to a few simple tools, saving you time and money when moving into a new home.

Low Price Point

An additional thing to take into consideration about window air conditioners is that they are very affordable when compared to other types of units. Part of this is the ease with which they can be installed compared to ductless or central air conditioning units, as mentioned above, but it is also because of their small size and simple construction, which requires much fewer materials to make. This makes window air conditioners the best choice for homeowners that have a small budget to invest into climate control and HVAC for their property.

Low Operation Costs

Finally, one last benefit of window air conditioners is that they are able to produce chilled air without a significant amount of power usage. They do not have to make use of ductwork to transport cold air throughout your home, instead directly cooling the room that they are installed in. This means that there is little wasted energy or cold air, so that your unit will not have to operate for extended periods of time before you see results in your home. Furthermore, since they are only responsible for a single room at a time, you can effectively zone your home by operating window units only in the rooms that people are currently in, reducing wasted energy.

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