3 Tips To Remember When Installing A New AC In Your Tiny Home

9 July 2018
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The tiny home life is all about efficiency, which means that you will do all you can to keep your costs of living low while dwelling in your humble abode. For some tiny home dwellers, this means they will forego air conditioners altogether and stick with mere fans for ventilation. However, if air conditioning is one luxury you refuse to give up, you should not feel guilty about installing AC in your tiny house. The fact is, cooling a tiny house won't take much, and if you pick the right system and installation, you should have no concerns about the whole situation. Here are a few tips to remember when installing a new AC unit  in your tiny home. 

You can still have a ductwork system in a tiny house. 

If a basic window unit or portable AC isn't quite enough to keep your smaller-than-usual home cool enough, you can still install a small system of ductwork under the frame of your tiny house and go with a really small central air unit. This can be especially good to remember if your tiny home has divided rooms, as a single AC unit may not have enough power to force air throughout the entire space. 

You can find solar-powered AC units. 

If you are really kicking yourself about using extra energy to cool your home, keep in mind that you can get a solar-powered AC unit just the same as you can just about any other home fixture. Because the energy from your AC unit necessary to cool the space is fairly small, it really does not require a whole lot of power. Therefore, you can easily use solar energy to power the unit instead of electricity. If you can't invest in a solar-powered AC unit, consider getting a small window unit and a few solar panels to power it. 

You don't have to use a window air unit in an actual window. 

A lot of tiny homes don't have a whole lot of windows, and the windows you do have will provide a valuable view to the outdoors so the space does not feel so cramped. If you do not want a window AC unit crowding your little window space, remember you can install these units in alternative ways. For example, you can actually have a small opening cut into the wall to hold the unit in place instead of situating it through a window. 

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