HVAC System Heating & Cooling Problems

27 April 2018
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An HVAC system is something that many homeowners desire to have, as it is efficient for heating and cooling, as well as adds value to a house. What homeowners sometimes fail to realize is that an HVAC system requires occasional maintenance to prevent problems from developing. Even with maintenance being done, an old system might still have problems as a pat of the wear and tear process. Some of the typical problems involve parts that directly affect the heater, while others can interfere with cold air production. Read the information in this article to learn how an HVAC system can begin to stop working to provide heat and cold air in an efficient manner.

A Furnace Pipe Leak

There is likely a pipe attached to you furnace that is used for distributing fuel so the pilot can ignite. For instance, gas and oil is commonly used for fueling a furnace, unless you have one that is electric. If an oil or gas pipe begins to leak, it can cause the furnace pilot to constantly lose the flame, or stop igniting altogether. A pipe leak can be dangerous, so a home heating service technician should be promptly contacted if you suspect such a problem is affecting the functionality of your furnace and causing heating problems. 

Dirt Trapped in the Pilot

A furnace pilot is a common concern when an HVAC system develops problems with heating. The pilot is the part of a furnace that creates heat via the process of completing combustion. The inability for a pilot to ignite is the main problem, which can be due to dirt being trapped inside of it. A technician can clear the dirt out of the orifice of the pilot to resolve the problem.

System Filter Problems

An HVAC system filter is a part that is commonly neglected by homeowners. You must understand that a filter can accumulate dirt fast, especially if you use the air conditioner and heater a lot. Dirt becomes a problem when it accumulates to the extent of blocking air from passing through the filter. Most HVAC filters can be cleaned and put back in place, it is possible for a new one to be needed.

Improperly Charged Refrigerant

Refrigerant is needed in an HVAC system for the air conditioner to properly work. Low refrigerant can lead to the air conditioner being inefficient. It is possible that recharging the coolant is needed when an HVAC system doesn't get cold enough.