The Convenience Of Window AC Units

25 January 2018
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If you struggle to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer, you should consider investing in some sort of air conditioning solution. Installing a new central AC system in an existing home can be very expensive, especially if your walls aren't already equipped with a duct system. However, there are some much cheaper and more practical solutions if you have a limited budget. This article explains how ductless window AC units work. It explains their best uses and their shortfalls.

Window Units Are Good in Small Areas

Window AC units aren't always the best solution. They can work great in small areas. For instance, they are perfect for small studio or one bedroom apartments. They could also be the perfect solution if you just need a little more cold air in a single room in your house. Window AC units only work in the actual room they are installed in. So, you might need several units to evenly cool your entire home. Since they run solely on electricity, this can be very costly.

On top of this, window units aren't exactly stylish. If you have these ugly appliances in all of your windows, it can't detract from both your interior and exterior style. Also, most homeowners prefer to remove their units from the windows during the winter in order to maintain the window installation. This process is inconvenient, and not something you want to worry about every single year.

Window Units are Convenient

Even though they do have some serious limitations, window units are hard to beat when it comes to convenience. As mentioned, they only need to be plugged in to work. Also, most units can be hung with an any vertically sliding window fixture that they can fit in. Some units have self-leveling designs, which means that they can be attached to your window seal without any extra screws. Basically, you just close the window around the unit and it stays in place. This easy installation means that you can buy an AC unit, and have it up and running that very day.

Filtering Systems

It is also important to mention that most modern window units do you have replaceable HEPA filters. This helps to reduce odors and allergens.

When it comes to price and convenience, it is hard to beat window units. They may not be the most stylish or affective in large properties, but they are great for homeowners on a budget.