3 Differences That Make High Velocity More Efficient Than Conventional HVAC

26 July 2017
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High velocity air conditioning is a central heating and cooling system that uses small duct pipes. The small diameter of the ducts means that airflow in these systems must be substantially more than a conventional system. The high-velocity airflow makes these systems cool faster, use less energy and add comfort where conventional ducts cannot be easily used. Here are some of the difference with high-velocity HVAC systems that make them more efficient:

1. Uniform Temperatures in Rooms for More Comfort and Energy Efficiency

The way high-velocity heating and cooling works is by forcing air though ducts at a faster pace than conventional HVAC system. This allows rooms to be quickly cooled or heated, which also leads to more uniform temperatures. Since there is less difference in temperature from one area of a room to another, the system works more efficiently because it is not working to adjust temperatures do to cold or warm pockets of air.  

2. High-Velocity Systems Cool Faster Than Most Conventional Systems Using Less Air

Since the air is entering rooms at a high rate, the high-velocity HVAC system heats and cools faster than a conventional system. This is a good feature for people that like to turn the AC off when they are not at home and need to quickly adjust temperatures. The fast cooling and heating of high-velocity systems also helps to save energy. The actual mass of air that is cooled with a high-velocity AC is less than with conventional systems, which translates into less energy being used to cool your home.

3. High-Velocity Air Conditioning Removes Moisture Better Than Conventional HVAC

With a conventional air conditioner, the moisture is removed from your home. In high-velocity systems, moisture is removed more efficiently, which means your system uses less energy and your home will be more comfortable. This is an ideal solution for hot, humid climates, and will make your home feel much cooler than with a conventional HVAC with larger ducts.

High-velocity AC is an efficient solution for your heating and cooling needs. There are many benefits to using a high-velocity HVAC system. Contact an HVAC service and talk with them about installing one of these systems for the air conditioning needs of your home. These compact duct systems are also ideal for renovations and retrofitting older homes with modern AC systems without making major changes. High-velocity systems are ideal for historic restorations where it is important to preserve the original architecture.