Five Advantages Of Furnace Replacement You May Not Think Of

4 January 2017
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When your aging furnace breaks down, you may be considering replacing it rather than repairing it. After all, new furnaces are more energy-efficient and less prone to future breakdowns. But these are far from the only advantages of replacing an aging furnace. Here's a look at five more reasons replacing an old, breakdown-prone furnace is almost always a better choice than continuing to make repairs.

A New Furnace Is Safer

Having your furnace break down can be more than an inconvenience. If it happens when the outdoor temperature is below freezing, your pipes may freeze. And frozen pipes are likely to burst, flooding your home and leading to water damage and mold growth. If the furnace breaks down while you're away, you might come home to a flooded basement or pets who have died from exposure. Old furnaces are also more prone to gas leaks, which could be deadly.

With a new furnace, you don't have to worry as much about having to go without heat as you wait for the repairman. You can travel with confidence that your home will stay warm while you're away.

New Furnaces Are Covered By Warranties

Surprise furnace repair bills can break your budget. You can't typically go without heat, so you really have no choice but to make the repairs and find a way to pay -- even if it means going without something else that you need that month. The stress of always wondering if another expensive repair bill is around the corner can really impede your ability to enjoy life.

If a new furnace breaks down, which is not common but is possible, the repairs will be covered under warranty. Many brands offer a 10-year warranty on major parts and a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger, so you won't experience the stress of having to pay for emergency furnace repairs for many years.

Installation Is a Chance For Other System Upgrades

When your HVAC technician installs your new furnace, they will also inspect your ducts for any blockages or leaks. Leaks are quite common in older homes and aging heating systems. They can cause rooms to heat unevenly and they greatly increase your energy bills. Your HVAC technician will ensure your ducts are sealed and secure before installing a new furnace. This should translate to even greater energy savings and more even heating.

New Furnaces Are Quieter

As furnace fans age, their ball bearings start to wear out and the belts start to loosen. This causes the fan to grow louder and louder over time. You may not realize that your furnace has gotten louder since the change has progressed slowly. However, when you have your new furnace installed, you'll instantly notice how much quieter it is. With some models, you can barely even tell that the heat is on! This is a great benefit if you're a light sleeper or have a baby who is easily awoken by the sound of the heat kicking on.

Your Home Won't Be As Dusty

Most homeowners don't change their furnace filters quite as often as they should. This leads to a buildup of dust on the heat exchanger. That dust ends up being circulated through your home. Replacing the furnace will give you a clean start. Plus, your HVAC technician will repair cracks in the ducts that may be allowing dust to seep into the HVAC system and be dispensed through your home.

If your current furnace has seen better days, it's probably time to seek a replacement. A new furnace is always a safer choice, and you'll also enjoy a cleaner home, freedom from repair bills, and some peace and quiet. For more information, contact a company like Total Comfort Heating & Cooling.