Reasons You Should Get Your AC Ducts Cleaned

25 January 2023
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Air ducts are the most neglected part of an HVAC system. People service their air conditioners yearly but don't bother to hire an AC duct cleaning service. Sadly, dirty air ducts affect the performance of your AC system. So, servicing your AC unit would be meaningless if you fail to clean your air ducts. Here is why you should take air duct cleaning seriously. Keep Bugs and Pests Away  Bugs and other pests prefer living in dirty spots. Read More 

What Are Your Options When Your AC Is Too Powerful For The Room?

9 January 2023
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You might think that you've avoided extra cost and stress when the retailer who sold you your new air conditioner will also install it. The trouble with a free installation service is that it might not account for all the variables of your specific home. For example, they might go ahead and install the unit despite the fact it's far too large and powerful for the intended space. The trouble is that you might not notice the problem until much later. Read More