Keep Your Air Conditioner At Max Efficiency

4 June 2018
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The air conditioning unit on the outside of your home has a lot of possible names. Of course, some people just call it the "air conditioner", while others call it the "heat pump." Heat pump seems misleading to many because they don't associate heating with their AC. You will also often hear it called the "condenser" or "compressor" unit. Either of these could be correct because the cabinet houses both a condenser and compressor. Read More 

HVAC System Heating & Cooling Problems

27 April 2018
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An HVAC system is something that many homeowners desire to have, as it is efficient for heating and cooling, as well as adds value to a house. What homeowners sometimes fail to realize is that an HVAC system requires occasional maintenance to prevent problems from developing. Even with maintenance being done, an old system might still have problems as a pat of the wear and tear process. Some of the typical problems involve parts that directly affect the heater, while others can interfere with cold air production. Read More 

Time For A New Furnace? Consider These 4 Warning Signs

12 March 2018
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Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that their furnaces suddenly break down without warning. If you look carefully, however, you'll be able to see numerous warning signs well before your furnace undergoes its last heating cycle. The following talks about four of these warning signs in-depth. 1. Your Furnace Needs Frequent Repairs Does it seem like your furnace needs a major repair every season? Problems caused by defects, unusual wear and tear and old age can require constant repairs just to keep your furnace going. Read More 

The Convenience Of Window AC Units

25 January 2018
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If you struggle to keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer, you should consider investing in some sort of air conditioning solution. Installing a new central AC system in an existing home can be very expensive, especially if your walls aren't already equipped with a duct system. However, there are some much cheaper and more practical solutions if you have a limited budget. This article explains how ductless window AC units work. Read More 

It’s Time To Start Thinking About The Colder Temperatures: Why You Need To Have Your Heater Cleaned

7 December 2017
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During the summer, you probably didn't pay much attention to your heater. If you've been experiencing a mild fall, you still might not be paying much attention to your heater. However, once the cold weather sets in for the winter, you're going to wish you'd paid a little more attention to it. One thing that your heater will need before the cold weather really settles in is a good cleaning. You might not realize this, but your heater should be cleaned once in a while, especially if you live in a particularly dusty area of the country. Read More