Heating A Warehouse: Your Options And How To Find The Right Contractor

4 November 2019
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Warehouses by nature are generally cold and drafty six months of the year. People working in warehouses around the holidays are often seen wearing coats and gloves on the warehouse work floor until they have sufficiently warmed up to take their gloves and coats off. If you have a lot of people working in your warehouse that say it is too cold to keep working that way, maybe it is time to install some heat to make the work environment a little more comfortable. Here are your heating options and how to find the right heating contractor. 

Commercial Boilers

Commercial boilers are larger than residential boilers. They heat amazingly well and are often the go-to source for heating schools and large public buildings. A commercial boiler can keep your warehouse toasty warm during the coldest days of the year. 


There are all kinds of commercial furnaces. Every one of them uses a different fuel source and/or is powered in a different way. You could install a commercial furnace, but if your warehouse is particularly large, you may need to install more than one furnace to adequately heat the warehouse from one end of the structure to the other. Your heating contractor may offer some advice as to what furnaces may work best in the size of warehouse you have. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps that provide cool air in the warmer months and warm air in the colder months are known as dual-purpose heat pumps. These might be an option if your warehouse is on the smaller side. They generally are not recommended for really large spaces because they cannot heat these spaces as efficiently as some other types of heating appliances can. 

How to Find the Right Contractor

The good news is that because you are trying to heat a commercial space (i.e., a warehouse), you can hire a commercial HVAC contractor. This wheedles out any HVAC contractors that are residential contractors only. Choose a contractor who advertises that he/she does a lot of commercial heating and cooling, and offers a lot of options for different commercial spaces. This is the type of contractor you should be talking to, and eventually hiring to install some sort of heating appliance in your warehouse. Always get more than one quote and request more than one assessment for heating needs for your warehouse so that you can get exactly the right commercial heating appliance. For more information, contact companies like D & R Service Inc.