How To Service Your Condenser Hose

28 August 2017
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The condenser is perhaps the most important component in your AC system. It is largely responsible for circulation of cold air into your ducts. The one thing about the condenser unit is that it is located outside of your building. This means that it is exposed to the elements and it needs to be serviced and cleaned more frequently. One particularly vulnerable part of the system is the connector hose. This article explains where the connector of the hose is, how to check it, and how to fix it.

The Importance of the Hose

The hose is on the backside of the unit and it goes into the wall. The hose fitting is usually on the bottom of the unit, so the hose rests on the ground. This can lead to a number of problems. First of all, falling debris can puncture or kink the thin aluminum hose. The hose can also get knocked off of the hose fitting. The first thing you want to do is find your hose and figure out if the connections are still tight, and if there are any holes in the actual hose.

Repairing the Hose

If your hose is punctured, your best bet is to just replace it completely. Connector hoses are cheap and you will have no problem finding the right replacement at a traditional home improvement store. Trying to tape holes is an okay temporary solution, but it likely won't work very well in the long run. While you're replacing your hose, you should probably change the clamps too. Also, while the hose is removed from the back of the condenser and the input wall, you should take this opportunity to look inside both of these vital junctures to make sure there is nothing clogging them. In rare cases, animals can chew through your house and nest inside your hose fittings. This can often happen during the off-season, when you are not using your air conditioner regularly.

When you attach your new hose, make sure that it is long enough to account for bumping or shifting of the unit. If the new hose is to short, it can get knocked off the fittings very easily. Replacing your condenser hose is a simple job, but one that most people hardly ever do. In fact, most people never even check the connection, because they don't realize how easily it can get damaged or knocked out of place. For more information, contact companies like Brian's Heat and Air.